Understanding the advantages of installing Window Films

99% UV Protection

By adding a window film on a piece of glass we block almost 100% all the UV rays contained in the solar spectrum. Such rays are burning and, by such nature, are causing discomfort in the skin and notable damage to the interior of a house or vehicle.

IR Heat Rejection

Infrared (IR) radiation is the cause of the burning heat you feel in your arm while waiting at a traffic light. IR-protected window film can help make your trip more comfortable by eliminating that annoying burn.

Reduces Heat

Window film can make your vehicle, home or business a more comfortable place to be. In addition to greatly reducing heat it helps protect accessories, curtains and blinds, ornaments, furniture, carpets and floors.

Reduces Glare

Glare can be a nuisance and even dangerous while driving. Whether by the sun, the headlights or a reflection, the window film will help reduce glare and your eyes will rest.

Privacy & Security

With window film, you can give yourself more privacy in your vehicle, home, or business. Thicker safety & security films can also help with break-ins by making smash-and-grab robberies more difficult as well as adding an extra level of protection in case of glass shards.

Save on Energy Costs

Window film allows you to save on energy costs for your home or business. By reducing heat, you are saving your air conditioning unit from running as often.

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